Let down.

The morning after your race… Or the entire week for that matter. Your big race has come and gone. You’ve trained, you’ve committed and now it’s over. So, now what?

Everybody goes through this, my friends. None of us are immune. The big let down after a big race is very real. Sometimes it’s good to have something on your race calendar, something new to start training for after you take a little bit of a break. But, for some of us it’s good to have nothing at all planned.

It’s OK to stay in bed late. It’s OK to lounge around in your pajamas all day, if you can get away with it. And it’s perfectly fine to be a little lazy and eat all of the foods. As long as this is temporary, it can be good to take a mental break.

For me, it seems best to turn my focus to another sport. That is why I love the multi sport community.

I simply decide to switch gears to something I haven’t been able to focus on for a while. In my case, I usually fall back to my swimming. After all of those miles training on the trails and on the roads, it is a welcome comfort for my joints. It stretches me out, it soothes aching muscles, and it helps me feel refreshed.

So what are your plans? Are you going to rest for a while? Are you going to take the winter off? Or maybe switch to something new? Do whatever feels good and makes you happy.

Always remember to enjoy the ride. This life is a wonderful journey,

Run Happy. Run Long.


Amy is a marathoner and triathlete, a mother of four, an Exercise Physiologist and a Physical Therapist. She lives with her husband, Dan (also a marathoner and triathlete), and kids in Ohio.

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