Fog and coffee.

It’s Christmas Eve morning.  There is a thick blanket of fog outside – no beautiful, fluffy snow this year.  Good thing Santa has Rudolph.


No one is awake in the house yet, just me and the dog.  I’m just sitting here drinking coffee before the chaos begins.  Today, we start celebrating Christmas with family.  Soon, there will be wrapping paper and empty boxes littering the room.  Adults will be sitting around, watching the insanity and reliving their childhood.

It was warm enough yesterday to run in short sleeves.  As crazy as that is, I really enjoyed it.  Warm weather, especially when it’s unexpected, really gives me a boost.  I felt energized, and what started out as just a quick run became so much more.

The kids were outside playing, so I decided to loop around our neighborhood a few times.  My oldest took the dog for a walk, so I got to see them twice.  The other three were playing basketball and running around in the yard.

It felt almost like spring….it felt like the start of triathlon season.  My brain was full of happy chemicals, so my workout turned into a brick.  The run just wasn’t enough; I had to bike, too.

This weather has been up and down, for sure.  We’ve had a little bit of everything.  This morning, the fog rolled in.  It’s eery, but I’m sure it will burn off soon.  There are small pockets of snow and ice that still haven’t melted, which is strange since it was in the 50’s yesterday.  It’s fun to see the spots in people’s yards that don’t get direct sunlight and will hold onto that snow for as long as possible.

Today and tomorrow, it will remain warm.  I’ll enjoy it as long as it’s around.  I’m sure that we’ll be back into the teens in a matter of a few days.

For now, I will daydream about triathlon season….

Run happy. Run long.


Amy is a trail runner and triathlete, a coach, a mother of four, an Exercise Physiologist and a Physical Therapist. She lives with her husband, Dan (also an ultramarathoner and triathlete), and kids in Ohio.

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