March Madness.

We had been planning so much for March.  For months, the kids were giddy about getting down to Florida to hang out in the sunshine with their grandparents.  We had missed our last family vacation the previous summer with them, and wound up never going anywhere on our scheduled time away.  They were so deflated, but it was out of our control and timing was everything last summer.

So, we had set our sights on Florida for spring break.  We had started packing, finally, as we were get closer to our departure date.  Swim suits, shorts, flip flops….

I was happy that we were driving, since I hate to fly and we would need a car while we were down there.

But, wheels were spinning behind the scenes that would derail our folly.

As the news of a virus began spreading months before March even came, we were paying attention to what was happening and hoping that it would stay overseas for the most part.  However, that wasn’t the case, as we all know now.

What had started out so distantly was suddenly in our back yard.  Within the last couple of weeks, we began to hear reports of the virus in the US.  It was just a matter of time, as we quickly found out, and cases began to pop up in other states, as the virus made it’s way across the US.

So, here we sit.  The schools are closed, for which I am grateful, honestly.  Yes, it’s going to be hard to have four kids in the house 24-7.  Within the first 24 hours, the arguing had already started, and it will continue.  But, I have my sweet babies with me and that’s all that matters.  I’d rather them be here.

We had discussed still making the drive down to Florida, but my parents are both over 70, and my father has a heart condition as well as Parkinson’s.  My fear was that we would pick something up along the way and unknowingly pass it on to one of them.  I just couldn’t take that chance.

The faces of the children when my husband and I told them we weren’t going will haunt me for some time.  But, I know that as hard as it was to make the decision, I won’t regret being cautious.

Everything is closing around us.  Restaurants, bars, the libraries….Do I think it’s overkill?  Nope.  I saw a good quote the other day that I really identified with.  It went something like this:

“Today, we are worried we are over-reacting.

In the aftermath, we will feel that we should have done more.”

Yes.  This.

So, what to do?  I’ll tell you what I’m doing: I’m sitting here feeling thankful.  My heart is full this Monday morning.  Here’s why:

My kids are home with me where I can make sure we stay healthy.

My loving husband is home from the hospital since he has two weeks off.  He is our biggest chance of catching the virus by bringing it home from the hospital.  I’m happy that he is here to help with the day-to-day issues that pop up.  Just having him with us puts my mind at ease.  He is the captain of this ship.

We have what we need here at home.  No, I didn’t run out to the store and buy everything that I saw.  I have a big family, but we have what we need.  I got fresh produce from the store on Friday and we are making our way through the food that we have on hand.

No, I didn’t buy toilet paper – there wasn’t any there.  Let’s just see how we do with what we have in the house.

No, I didn’t buy hand sanitizer, we have soap and water which has always worked just fine.  I don’t understand why the purchasing is happening, honestly.

We have been spending time outside when we can, getting some sunshine on our faces to remind us that God is good.  We have so much to be thankful for.  This is an introvert’s dream – our schedule is free and open, we have no pressing duties, and we are all together at home.

Getting outside to run each day for a few miles at a time has been a blessing.  I am reminded that spring is coming, the birds are singing, and the spring flowers are getting ready to pop.

We have a rough schedule of activities for the kids to keep them engaged throughout the day, and we will get through this together.

I will continue to pray during this time that things get better and stay contained.  I will pray for people to do their best to keep things from spreading, so we can get back to normal sooner than later.  I will pray for the elderly, the compromised, and those that have the virus.

From my understanding, some people are carriers with little to no symptoms, and some are eventually on respirators due to the severity of the virus.  As with any new illness we are faced with, we still don’t know everything there is to know.  I’m ok with caution.

Yesterday, we watched mass at home.  What a great homily it was, as usual.  Our pastor pleaded, “Instead of panic, be prudent.”


Stay safe, stay well.

Run Happy.


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