Time to write.

I have had a couple of people ask how the book is coming along. It had been developing well until 2 weeks ago.  Then, with the kids home and having to stay home, it took some schedule adjustments to get started up again.  Now, I have some time to write.

Back in October, I decided to do something that is a little scary for me.  I decided to write a book.  Now, let’s be realistic.  I’m sure that some of you out there have made that same bold proclamation at some point in your life.  I have started writing before, too; more than once.

But what ever comes of it?  Well, in the past, I would write furiously for a few weeks, until life would get in the way.  The writing would then slow to a trickle, and before long it would eventually be abandoned.  Each time that happened, I would feel a deep sense of loss.

This time was different.  I started writing in October and it was as if the flood gates opened.  I felt there was a story to tell, and so I started to focus.

The book is now nearing 300 pages as I write this.  It has been cathartic, to say the least.  Still, I am hesitant to share it just yet.  As an introvert by nature, I am afraid to bare my soul.

So, to those of you that have asked; yes, I am still writing.  The story continues to evolve as there are so many layers.  I may decide to release it on Amazon, but we’ll see.  The working title is “Memoirs of a runner: My jigsaw life”.

Thank you for supporting me, friends.

Run Happy.

Run Long.









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