Playing peek a boo.

It’s winter time in Rona-ville.

It was hard to wear a mask, or even a buff, during the summer months while running. Especially on really hot and humid days. It was a struggle, and the trails were so full of people. I didn’t like get dirty looks from people as we passed on the trail; even when we were giving each other a very wide berth.

Now that’s it winter, it’s a little easier to tolerate a buff. But, with the trails being a little colder and icier than most will tolerate, I figure I can pull the buff down while I run, and then quickly pull it back up when someone approaches.

I may run for miles before I see another human if it’s really cold. Which, of course, is fine by me.

But, on recent days, it’s been a bit more crowded. I think it’s been because the sun was actually shining, which is not very frequent in January. It gives you a boost when the sun appears, and makes you feel like you want to venture outside. Even when it’s still cold, it’s worth it to get a little Vitamin D.

So, lately, I have been feeling like I’m playing peek a boo on the trail. It’s funny to feel like that’s what I’m doing with runners and hikers as they pass, but it’s truly what it feels like I’m doing. The buff goes up, the buff goes down. And I repeat it as many times as necessary for the entire run.

The truth is, I want other people to feel comfortable. And, if that’s what I have to do, then so be it. I know we’re outside and far away from each other, but I also know that everyone is at the same comfort level as I am. So, up goes the buff.

As soon as we safely pass one another, down it goes again.

So, I may see some of you out there on the trail. I’ll be the one playing peek a boo with passerby’s. You’ll probably hear me giggling like I did when I was a kid, because, hey, it is kinda fun!

Run happy.

Run long.

2 thoughts on “Playing peek a boo.

  1. I wear glasses so running with a mask in the winter has been challenging.
    When it is freezing cold there are a lot fewer people out which does make it easier to pull the mask down every now and then.
    I guess that’s one good thing I can say about the cold!

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