Patience. And grace.

Today I got to visit a trail I haven’t seen in over a year. It’s been a long time, and I really wanted to see the colors this fall. It took me a while to actually get onto the trail head, but I was not disappointed. It was so breathtaking I am still speechless trying to describe it.

I always have favorite trees on each trail that I frequent. I look for them each time I run, and like to see how they are adorned depending on the season. I found myself this morning whispering softly “I remember you” to each one as I acknowledged their beauty.

Ah, to see the colors, and to hear the soft crunch underneath my shoe as I moved forward one step at a time. I had to take it all in slowly, because it was almost too much to handle. I was fighting a lump in my throat with all of the beauty surrounding me, when, in fact, just a few months ago I would never have dreamed I’d be out here again.

And here I am, by the grace of God.

For years I prayed for patience, and in my hurry to master that virtue I skipped over prudence and temperance. But now it has come full circle, and for that I am thankful.

Looking back at what happened in May, the best guess was that the injury I had sustained was due to repetitive trauma from falling on the trail in the past. Not surprising, as Dan and I have been on many technical trails and in all sorts of conditions during the seasons. And then finally my knee could take no more. It happened over time, and with each fall onto that knee, it became worse. And time is what I’m giving myself now; plenty of time.

I hope you enjoy the colors of God’s paintbrush this fall.

Run happy.

Run long.

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