Seeing the good.

Today I was able to get out on the trail again and, as always, it didn’t disappoint. The skies are gray, the trees are bare, and there is no beautiful snow blanket on the ground or the branches. Usually we’ve had some snow at this point in the season, and it’s been quite surprising to […]

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I see you.

My son just returned home from a retreat. He is so alive and full of joy, it’s contagious. To see the light in his eyes makes my heart so full, I can barely stand it. Today, he wanted to be in the woods. So did I. He ran with Dan from our house to the […]

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At Last

Something stirred in me this morning. I felt an itch that I needed to scratch, so as I got up I begin to plot my scheme. I had someone to drop off at football nice and early and I knew that it was gonna be a hot one today. So, I quickly made my plan to […]

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The busy-ness of life.

How many times have you said it, “If only there were more hours in the day….”? For me, that’s an easy answer – too many times. I get up earlier, I stay up later, and still I run out of time. Time for what, though? Work? Cleaning? Reading? What are the things that we run […]

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As I get older

Age is just a number, right? I always used to think that. I remember when I was younger and I would go to the pool to swim. I’d see older adults there swimming in out-dated swim suits and caps, doing elementary backstroke or sidestroke, and I’d think, “I will never look or swim like that.” […]

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Cold Pricklies

It was our 17th anniversary, so, naturally, we went to a trail race. What can I say, we are of like mind, my Dan and I. It just so happened that the race fell on the right day, so off we went to Mohican. The Cold Pricklies is the anti-thesis of the Fuzzy Fandango, which […]

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Bug eating season….

Spring must really be here. You never know in Ohio. We usually have a few false starts. But, today when I ran, I had the feeling that spring might be getting closer. I’m cautiously optimistic, since exactly one week ago, I was being snowed on while I ran. No joke. It was April Fool’s Day, […]

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The stillness of morning.

Ah, the snow. I don’t dislike it, to be honest. There is something so beautiful about it. How delicate it is as it floats in the air. How hundreds and hundreds of tiny snowflakes can stick together to coat the branches on the trees. The most lovely thing about the snow is how everything outside […]

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Playing peek a boo.

It’s winter time in Rona-ville. It was hard to wear a mask, or even a buff, during the summer months while running. Especially on really hot and humid days. It was a struggle, and the trails were so full of people. I didn’t like get dirty looks from people as we passed on the trail; […]

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Clearing the trail.

2020 is done. Gone. Goodbye. Last year was not what any of us expected, right? But, it’s over. There’s no use in ruminating over it when we should focus on moving forward instead. While it was not my favorite year on record, it wasn’t my worst either. I started 2020 just like everyone else. I […]

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