Long road, part ii

Still trying to digest everything. One day at a time. So, to continue with the saga that I began to rehash in my last blog, I’m going to give a little more background as to why this is so rough for me right now. Disclaimer: writing about this is helping me to process it. I […]

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As I get older

Age is just a number, right? I always used to think that. I remember when I was younger and I would go to the pool to swim. I’d see older adults there swimming in out-dated swim suits and caps, doing elementary backstroke or sidestroke, and I’d think, “I will never look or swim like that.” […]

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When to say no.

I feel like I’m not qualified to write on this topic. Maybe I’m hoping I’ll take my own advice?  Let’s see what happens…. Do you commit yourself easily?  Does someone mention an opportunity to you and you simply can’t resist?  Are you afraid that if you say no, the opportunity won’t be presented to you […]

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