Clearing the trail.

2020 is done. Gone. Goodbye.

Last year was not what any of us expected, right? But, it’s over. There’s no use in ruminating over it when we should focus on moving forward instead.

While it was not my favorite year on record, it wasn’t my worst either. I started 2020 just like everyone else. I had plans, I had the promise of a new year, and I had high hopes. There was so much momentum in all areas of my life, I was excited to see what the year would bring. However, I started the year with a bang in a different way than I expected.

Those of you that follow my blogs even just a little know that I had a really bad fall last year at about this time. I slipped on the ice on a hill and had a really hard fall that left me a little broken and with a concussion. It took my a very long time to come back from that injury and I am still dealing with it today, unfortunately. Sometimes the back pain is excruciating to the point that I can’t sleep.

As the year went on, 2020 didn’t get much better. For anyone, not just me.

But, now that last year is in the rearview mirror, we can once again forge ahead.

I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that on pretty much every trail I have been on, the crews have been out doing some major clearing. What used to be single track is now wide enough to drive a car through in some sections of my favorite haunts. The trail heads look so open, and so welcoming. They beckon the casual passerby to come and explore.

Today, as I ran, I saw all of the mud and dead leaves that reminded me of 2020.

Among all of the muck, I also noticed all of the debris that is the usual telltale sign that the crews have been clearing; fresh, splintered wood and freshly sawed trunks. There was also that familiar smell of fresh wood that drives me wild. All of these signs are telling me that we are clearing a new path for 2021.

Once again, I am struck with a metaphor as I run between the trees. It’s time we clear our own paths. Get rid of the old stuff that doesn’t serve us well anymore. Make our future look more welcoming. Clear out the debris of last year, and get focused.

Who’s with me?

Run Happy.

Run Long.

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