I see you.

My son just returned home from a retreat. He is so alive and full of joy, it’s contagious. To see the light in his eyes makes my heart so full, I can barely stand it.

Today, he wanted to be in the woods. So did I. He ran with Dan from our house to the trail head. I drove to the trail head and began hiking. We would hook up on White Tail and hike together while Dan finished his long run.

As I was hiking, my head was full of wonder. The thing I miss most when I’m not running is the trees. Each one is beautiful, unique, and awe inspiring – if only one stops to look, and to admire them.

Today, as I felt so much gratitude that I could be on the trail, I took time to notice EVERYTHING.

I rounded the corner, and saw this tree.

I see you….

It caught my eye, so I stopped and took a picture of it. And, I realized that this tree and I have something in common.

You see, this tree looks different – it may be stressed, dying, or already dead. The point is, there are no green leaves adorning its branches. It is struggling. Yet, it’s safely tucked underneath a beautiful canopy of leaves from the trees that surround it. You almost can’t even see it, unless you look closely.

I feel like this tree. I am struggling, I am hurting, but I am surrounded by God’s love, and the love of my family and friends, and I feel protected by a canopy of hope and support.

Things will get better. It will take time, but that’s OK. I feel safe here, just like this tree. All I need is time.

Run Happy.

Run Long.

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